About this blog

On this blog, I'll share with you my daily indulgences, whether it's about places I've been, things I've seen, interiors, food or fashion. Hope you find something interesting here - this is a general flavour of what you'll get:

Spending a couple of hours browsing through a high street's collection of charity shops is one of my favourite weekend past-times. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose, and sometimes you have to hold your nose. But often when you win, you win big. And your hard-earned cash is going to a good cause, so that's a double-win situation. I'll be showcasing some of my finest chazzy finds on this blog, and reporting back on my favourite hunting grounds. Junk shops, house clearance shops and flea markets also all fit into this category.

Cheap as chips?
I love a bargain. I'm a keen sale shopper, and love second-hand hunting. But I hate this road we're going down as consumers of "fast-fashion" - the idea that we buy something which isn't great quality, wear it once or twice, and then its job is done. I like the idea of investing in something that's well made and will last at least a few years - in terms of both the quality of the materials, and the style of the item. An item with style should transcend any fleeting trends, and to that end, is worth spending a little bit more money on - spend to save, it's the way forward. [Don't get me wrong, I do have the odd weak moment when I pass the window of Primark, and there's something fabulous for less than the price of a tube fare, but as a philosophy, I try to stick to it as much as possible].

Natural fibres or man-made?
I am mourning the proliferation of polyester and acrylic clothes on the high street. Apparently, this could be because it's written in the stars - my star sign is Taurean, and one trait is a love of natural fabrics, and a hatred of all things man-made. It's certainly one of my major requirements when shopping, to check the garment label and scruitinse the fabric content. Even the old high street stalwarts, like M&S and GAP are at it, making the majority of their clothes with cheap, un-natural fibres. 20 years ago, you could go into the shoe department of M&S and the majority of the shoes would be leather. Now, you're scrabbling around to find a shoe with a scrap of leather in it. And whilst I welcome a wider choice for people who don't want to wear leather shoes, the truth is that I don't want to wear a plastic shoe that looks cheap, doesn't last and is bad for your feet.

I am obsessed with skincare. I think it's stemmed from being cursed with bad, bad skin, which has now finally improved. But I know that ever since being a young teenager, when I was given my treasured copy of The Body Shop Book, I've been obsessed with three things: cleansing, toning and moisturising. I've lost my way a few times on my career path so far, and twice my wanderings have taken me in the world of skincare and cosmetics. I find skin fascinating, and will talk more about my trials and tribulations in the skincare world throughout this blog.

I like to have a go at making things; I dream up some great ideas, but unfortunately don't always have the skill to execute them. Still, it's fun having a go. I've done a couple of courses in my time to try and get better (in dress-making, upholstery and furniture restoration) but in all honesty, I'm just not a natural.

I like baking and cooking, but I'm no Nigella. I enjoy food though, and drink, and will blog about my favourite eats and treats.

Fashion vs. Style
And so, whilst I love fashion, pouncing on and poring over magazines with eyes wide and heart racing with the turn of every page, I like to play the long game. I try to go with style every time (budget permitting).

Sorry the photograhpy's not brilliant - I'm no expert. I either use my i-Phone or Popeye's cast-off camera. I'm on a learning curve...