Tuesday, 28 April 2015

A few of my favourite things

Oh hello, it's been a while. I suppose blogging is a bit of a habit and before I knew it, days had become weeks, and weeks had become months, and now it's been a fair old while since I last logged in. Someone asked me if I'd "lost my blogging mojo" and I think I had, or at least it was on sabbatical. Popeye was away with work for 3 months and so I've been filling my weekends with lots of fun, visiting friends up and down the country. But I've been drawn back to the blog, and here's a little update on some goings on over the last few months.

{gold stud earrings from & Other Stories}
the pancakes at Riding House Cafe}
{Valentino skirt - the skirt that dreams are made of, but pay packets fall short of}
{cheese straws with aioli dip from Cafe Ode}
{new purse and other carefully chosen items bought from Luiban in Berlin, most stylish stationery shop ever}
{ring from Accessorize}
{chocolate wafers from Vienna}
 I can't tell you just how nice these chocolate wafers are - they come in litre wrapped packets, inside that gorgeous shoe-box style tin, and each packet is wrapped up a bit like a cigarette packet, which I must confess I have always loved the packaging of - such dinky little boxes, especially the gold of those Benson & Hedges boxes, with their gold foil linings. Still, these biscuits make much better contents! And here's a UK supplier too.

And seeing as it's National Stationery Week this week (honestly, this is a real thing) I had to mention the very beautiful Luiban which I discovered on a trip to Berlin, and the lovely owner will explain to you the provenance of every single item, most of which are made in Germany. I splurged on the yellow leather purse, which has been receiving many admiring comments recently.

{lose all your holiday spends to Luiban, you won't regret it}
So, that's it from me for now, but more updates to come this week - it's good to be back!

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