Monday, 17 November 2014


The reason I have abandoned this blog of late and haven't been posting, is because I have been spending all of my time looking for the perfect winter boot. This is almost not a joke. This year it has been a mission, and, one which I haven't cracked yet, so I have put it on hold for the time being. I have hauled myself out of the boot abyss. If any of you have had some better success than I then please do show and tell.

In the meantime, there has been some time for vintage shopping, and here are some of my finds.

{new glass-stand fruit bowl}
{strained - a new Norwegian tea strainer, found for just 75p}

{tricky to totter in, but the colour combination makes these a winner}
{a vintage Debenhams sun dress - this is sitting it out until next year…}
{this coat was donation to me by Bob, and is my new favourite thing}

This coat is a winner - and very of the moment, with its lack of any sort of fastening, which seems to be the thing going on for coats at the moment. Something of an oxymoron. Its's 100% wool and made by Hammels, and the black detailing on the shoulders and pockets is just brilliant.

The picture below documents my ongoing obsession with stripes, which is not only limited to my wardrobe but also to home furnishings. The stripe on the left my become a window blind at some point. The stripe in the middle has already been made into cushions, and the stripe on the right is my new duvet and pillowcase set. 

{all kinds of stripes}

A couple of weeks ago saw Popeye and I head out for a day trip down to Bruton in Somerset, for two reasons: to visit At The Chapel and also Hauser & Wirth. I'd read about Bruton and how it's earned its current moniker of "the new Notting Hill" and fortune in Vogue magazine, which reeled a long list of the great and the good who have moved to the area. And so we weren't surprised when we found ourselves jostling up against Rhys Ifans when we were waiting for our lunch table.

Hauser & Wirth is an amazing set-up of an art gallery in Somerset, located in an old farm setting, and now buzzing with cool-looking people and art which I have no idea what it's meant to be about. Amazing cafe though. And shop. And let's be honest, they're always the best bits anyway. My favourite part was the light installation below by Martin Creed, which was displayed alongside of the farmhouse, which I bought many, many postcards of.

{farmhouse, art by Martin Creed - pic via The Telegraph)
{the bar - pic via here}
{garden: pic via The Guardian}
{At The Chapel exterior}
{At The Chapel interior - pic via The Telegraph}
And the pizza - it was so VERY good I forgot to take a photo of it until I'd troughed half of it. Best pizza I've had in a long old time. 

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