Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Making & baking

So, I took an unscheduled blogging break - what started as a few days whilst we moved house (yes, again) turned into a week, then a month and then before I knew it I'd had two months off. And this blog post is partly the reason - sometimes a post will seem to be much harder then the rest, and this one became my nemesis, so I'm just going to go ahead and publish it so that I can purge myself and move beyond it.

I have had a huge amount of crafty projects on the go recently, but been particularly bad about blogging any of them. I think by the time I finish one (I am a laboured crafter, having more enthusiasm than talent for any of it) I am so relieved that the prospect of re-living it online doesn't appeal. However, they say time is a healer so here's a little glimpse at some of what I've been doing.  

{finished map hoops}

I wanted to make something for Bob's wedding, as well as giving the traditional vouchers, that would be a bit more personal and unique. After coming across a stash of old maps for £1 each at the charity shop,  I managed to find three different maps: one of where she lived when she met her husband, one of their first date location, and one of where they live together now. They also make good new baby presents with the map location as the birthplace.

{raw materials - embroidery hoop and map - both from charity shops}

{choose your area}

{assemble your hoop}

{crafting supplies - new scissors from favourite shop M.A.D.E in Cirencester - tricky to use but such a great colour!}

{putting stamp and sticker colelction to good use creating gift tags}

{my new favourite gold glitter alphabet stickers from Waterstones, but can be found online here}

And I've been trying out some new recipes. Tabbouleh was a big success but only after a few attempts and realising I needed to ignore the instructions on the packet which involved too much water and resulted in porridge. For some reason I became fixated with cakes which contained both desiccated coconut and cherries, and have finally settled on the recipe below as my favourite. And the Nigel Slater sausage recipe right at the bottom of this post has already spread like wildfire amongst friends and family, and I have to credit my mum for starting this craze - all aboard!

{first foray into Tabbouleh}

{banana coconut loaf cake}

{ta da!} 

{I kept half for eating, and froze the other half}

{summer in a glass}

{inspiration from Yotton Ottolenghi - N is for new potatoes}

{Nigel Slater's sausages with summer vegetables}


  1. Hurrah! You're back. And with some serious crafty goodness, maps and embroidery rings are an inspired idea and I'll definitely be pinching that one! I know what you mean about nemesis posts too - I have one I've been trying to write for months. Xx

  2. Great post Honey xx