Wednesday, 20 August 2014

H&M - autumn 2014

A little email popped into my inbox recently advertising a 10% discount at H&M until 24.08.14, with the code 2134 (online only). That was all the excuse I needed to browse the website and see what they had in for the new season. The drop in temperature has got me looking at knitwear and sweatshirts again (surprise surprise) and pleasingly they've got a great selection.

Top row, left to right

Marled sweatshirt, £14.99; Merino wool jumper, £14.99; Fine knit jumper, £14.99; Dress in textured weave, £34.99.

Middle row, left to right
Cargo pants, £24.99; Blouse jacket, £34.99; Sweatshirt top, £14.99; Short sparkly stone necklace, £12.99.

Bottom row, left to right
Suede sneakers, £29.99; Figure fit jacket, £24.99; Jersey top, £6.99; Sandals in leather, £39.99.

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