Thursday, 12 June 2014

A simple stool makeover

{newly recovered stool}

When I went to visit friends recently at their new flat, they were sorting through some furniture left by the previous owners, working out what they'd keep and what they would chuck. When it came to this stool they decided to chuck it and so instead of pointing out how easily it could be re-covered and transformed I agreed to take it off their hands.

I still had some of the same fabric left over from covering these chairs and this chest, so I didn't need to buy anything new for this project, as the foam underneath was still in good shape (although if I'd have been really serious about it, I might have replaced it with a more dense foam, to give it an even firmer surface). The stool makes a handy side table, but also doubles as a foot rest or extra seating for when friends come round.

I can't tell you how easy this was - no previous upholstery skills needed, just a good staple gun and an afternoon to spare. Give it a go! And if you do, send me your pictures of how you get on via Facebook or Twitter

{the original, covered in plastic faux leather}

{the plastic cover went all the way underneath the stool too, in one moulded piece}

{I just needed scissors to cut off the covering}

{blurry photo - a dismantled stool - the legs just un-screwed}

{the legs were not in great shape so I decided to sand them all down}

{my first experience with an electric sander}

{legs sanded and feet removed}

{I cleaned the legs with white spirit after sanding, and oiled with Danish Oil}

{I painted the underside of the stool white, as it is no longer covered by the upholstery}

{staple gunned the fabric around the foam and base}

{the corners were a little tricky - needed careful folding}

{the finished article - left the metal covers off the legs for a more streamlined look}

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