Thursday, 15 May 2014

On the money

I've been looking for a new purse for ages, and I think most of you'd agree that it's one of the hardest things to shop for.

My main criterion is that it shouldn't be too bulky - once you cram your stuff in there it ends up being the size of a brick, and bulky to carry around, and I've found that too many compartments contributes to this. So I've been looking for one with just a few compartments to keep things, er, compartmentalised.

My leading option for a while had been the Uterque snakeskin purse, to be used in happy partnership with a card holder, like this Liberty one, to end to debit and loyalty card deck shuffle which I end up doing at every till. But I just happened upon the navy-blue one from Zara, and clickety-click I ordered it and it's on its way.

And I always buy leather, and am prepared to pay a little more than usual - after all, you'll use it constantly and it should last you for years.

Top row, left to right
Snakeskin double purse, £44 Uterque, to use in conjunction with Red Liberty London card holder, £45 Liberty;
Gold small purse, £33 Betty & Betts (available in loads of different colours).

Bottom row, left to right
Leather purse, £45 Cos
Evie purse, £120 Ally Capellino
Limited edition leather wallet, £25.99 Zara

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