Tuesday, 27 May 2014


It's been ages since I've done a little update post, mainly because we've spent every weekend for as long as we can think back to, tearing up and down the motorways visiting friends and family. But it was all in the name of fun and we fitted in an awful lot into those always too short weekends.

Here are the highlights which can mainly be summed up as food - vintage bargains - food - more food.

{asparagus season has arrived and we're massively onboard}

{new white leather vintage handbag - complete with leather care products - make a HUGE difference}

{not just a roll on the side, but your own personal loaf, with probably the best butter in the world}

{I have never experienced ham, egg & chips like it - see it to believe it at The Foxham Inn}

{sea view}

{catch of the day at Crabshack}

{unearthed a Liberty silk scarf at a carboot sale for £1}

{birthday cake}

{vintage Dotty P's sun dress}

{pile of stripy bags, 20p from car boot - wrapping (small) presents has never been so easy}

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