Wednesday, 19 March 2014

73 Questions with Sarah Jessica Parker by Vogue

The die-hard Sex & The City fan in me clicked on this link and viewed it voraciously as soon as I saw it, and then re-watched it (even though it has a slight undercurrent of irritating). It's almost like watching an exact episode of what SATC would be like if it was still going today, and gives an intriguing glimpse into SJP's real life New York home. If you can resist a watch then I'm impressed.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

School uniform chic

I used to love my school uniform. Which only now, at over a decade since I left school, I feel it is safe to admit to. I like to think this was an early indicator of my interest in classic style: a simple knee-length, a-line, navy-blue skirt and a navy-blue v-neck jumper were the two main reasons for my affection. And recently I've realised that I have now adopted the same look as a main part of my work wardrobe.

I fondly remember one trip to M&S to buy a new school jumper. It was one of the only occasions my mum let me choose from the non-regulation clothing section, rather than the utilitarian, slightly-synthetic school uniform offering. I came home with a merino wool v-neck jumper, which I wore regularly with a t-shirt underneath, jeans and Dr. Martens boots (I know! But this was the 90's, so I think I looked very cool you might be sympathetic to my aesthetic choices).

These days, to avoid being mistaken for a youthful sixth-former skiving school, I add a few touches to make the look a little more polished, with a bright lipstick, statement necklace (both very detention-worthy I hope) and some fancy footwork, and usually will be wearing one of my staple Liberty shawls. Although I've added some very traditional looking school shoes down at the bottom there for those of you who want to embrace the look whole-heartedly.

As an aside - just wanted to give a special mention to the Cos skirt which is a lovely 96% wool and is a joy to wear - very flattering and comfortable. And a word of warning about the Zara v-necks: I have two of these (I also bought it in grey) and they are very fine and delicate so handle with care - they are easy to snag so avoid any sharp edges / implements / comments.

Top row, left to right
Wool-mix pleat skirt, £69 Cos; Merino wool sweater, £45.99 Zara; Lipstick in Infrared, £8 Topshop; Rectangular stone necklace, £79 Uterque.

Middle row, left to right
Tassel slipper, £79.95 Massimo Dutti; Blue leather kitten heel ankle boots, £79 & Other Stories; Fashion pointed pump, £89 Boden.

Bottom row, left to right
Koncave tan leather shoes, £58 Office; Kentucky lace-up, £55 Office.