Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Festive catch-up

Happy New Year to all Lemonade Pockets readers out there, and every best wish for 2014. I hope you all had a relaxing and fun-filled holiday. I had a good blogging break over Christmas and New Year, not necessarily intentionally, but the go-go-go of the festival season intervened a wiped out any computer time. I hardly even took any photos of all our activities, which covered three locations and hours of motorway time. But here's what I unearthed from my photo when looking back over that couple of weeks.

{first open fire in the new house}

{the last tree going - we got ours a little late, on the 23rd. This bedraggled, rain-soaked specimen did us proud}

{my homemade crackers turned out well}

I was really pleased with how the crackers turned out, and thought long and hard about presents for people which were small enough to fit inside. The gifts I got to go inside included a roll-on perfume, this eye-cream (found at TK Maxx) and some soap. I left Popeye to go about sorting the gift to go inside my cracker, which turned out to be... a pound coin. Hmmm, I feel there's some room for improvement there...

{my Christmas uniform}

My hero outfit of the whole Christmas period turned out to be what is essentially a posh version of a tracksuit. Some high (but not too high) heels from Hobbs (similar here), wool jogger trousers* with elasticated waist (an essential Christmas Day feature) also from Hobbs and a plain silk t-shirt from Gap (similar here). I paired it with my statement necklace by Lulu Frost for Whistles.

{our lovely New Year home at Combermere Abbey}


{the fun's over: back at work, accompanied by Christmas cake}

* these trousers are definitely the same as mine, butI think they've listed the fabric incorrectly on the website. The label on my trousers says 80% wool, 20% polyester.

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