Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas cooking

We're cooking Christmas Dinner this year, and whilst I am massively in favour of employing a few foolproof cheats to make things easier, there are other tried and testing dishes that I'm cooking from scratch, and are easy to make in advance. Here's my lowdown.

{red cabbage, using this recipe}

{tastes even better after freezing}

The cauliflower cheese below is a good one to make and keep in the freezer to whip out on Boxing Day when you're not feeling inclined to do any more cooking. It's a Hairy Bikers recipe, but I also add an onion, use half-fat creme fraiche instead of double cream, and use any old cheese where it asks for Gruyère. Oh and I just use normal breadcrumbs on top.

{cauliflower cheese with bacon & mushrooms, from this recipe}

{cranberry sauce - so easy to make, just three ingredients}

{will keep for a week in the fridge}

{served in my new T.G. Green dish}
The other recipe which I've just tried out as a good veggie option, is this kale & mushroom lasagne - another good one to make in advance and freeze, as it tastes so much better one reheated. It's a nit fiddly the first time you make it, but becomes easier once you've been through the process a couple of times. That's what I'll be whipping up this weekend.

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