Thursday, 21 November 2013

This is dynamo

Whilst I am guilty of getting nostalgic for the days of our youth, when penny sweets were still a penny and cassette players which automatically turned over to the other side were a technological wonder, there is one thing that 2013 has improved upon, and that is the Dynamo label maker.

Remember the black and red plastic hand-held machines which printed out any message you liked in white embossed lettering on black tape? Well, in 2013 we've gone NEON and things are a lot more fun. I am a fan of making things more personalised and individual, so this gadget is right up my street.

{my MoTEX label maker}

There's a choice of colour in machine and in tape, and whereas they're not as cheap as I thought, once you've stocked up you're set to go for many labels to come. I got mine from a shop in Winchester, but the Etsy shop OHMYBUY has an excellent selection. And also let's not forget that this would make a very brilliant stocking filler, perhaps with a set of blank notecards to start creating some bespoke thank you notes?

Here a list of where I've put my labels to use so far:
+ general greetings cards and Christmas cards
+ gift tags
+ my make-up drawers
+ my jewellery drawers
+ my re-purposed or blank shoe boxes
+ as labels of glass jars of homemade chutneys and also on spice jars
+ in the study, on magazine files and box files

That's money well spent.

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