Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Stocking fillers: for him

It's taken me a while to do this Christmas gift guide this year, mainly because after I re-read last year's, I felt that I'd done such a comprehensive job (if I do say so myself) that there wasn't much more to add. But then after a little internet research, I really got into the swing of things and came up with some new ideas, with a  little help from Popeye.

I think the secret to a good stocking is to buy slightly more luxurious versions of everyday items that your recipient already uses. A posh shower gel, notebook or water bottle can really add a little boost to someone's day, especially when it's something they use often.

Top row, left to right
+ Prospector Co Wormwood Absinthium Hand Cream, £11.50 Fable + Folly (although this old favourite is also a trusty option)
+ Chup Genser socks, £25 Fable + Folly (these Japanese-made socks are really up Popeye's street, although trusty Pantherlla do some trust less expensive styles, all made in England, here and here)
+ Scottie stocking holder, £36 Anthropologie (although I thought this could be more useful as a handy resting place for anyone who constantly misplaces keys, ID lanyards - you get the picture)
+ Eva Solo water bottle with orange strap £20 Habitat (use code EM25 for 25% off online from 7pm 27 November)
+ Black and grey multi-striped viscose scarf, £14.99 Tie Rack (enter SALE50 at the checkout to get 50% off)
+ Bear Grylls Grandfather knife, £23.99 Blades and Bows
+ Rock the Shack: Architecture of Cabins, Cocoons and Hide-outs, £28.78 Waterstones Marketplace*

Second row, left to right
+ Royal Giraffe notelets, £16.95 Heals
+ Pine reviving bath milk, £10.95 Weleda (apparently this is excellent aprés-ski)
+ Computer or laptop brush, £10.95 Nook
+ Bones EP by Josh Record, £1.99 iTunes
+ Rhodiarama pocket line webnotebook, £8.95 The Paperie

Third row left to right
+ Blot blue patterned mug, £7 Habitat (use code EM25 for 25% off online from 7pm 27 November)
+ Canton organic chai tea, £6 Canton Tea Co
+ KeepCup, from £8.60 KeepCup Store
+ Clutch pencil, £5 Nook
+ Lego bag tag, £3.99 Tesco
+ Matches, £5.50 Fable + Folly

Fourth row, left to right
+ Herringbone room shoes, £10.95 Muji
+ Sumo champion skittles, £9.95 Muji
+ Noctua bottle opener, £26 Anthropologie
+ Nova Scotia Fisherman Sea Kelp Lipbalm, £5.50 Roullier White
+ Blodwen ticking wash bag, £12.50 Nook

There are still plenty of other items still not on here, such as something for the drinks cabinet, a few edible items and perhaps some techie gadgets thrown in for good measure. So I hope this helps to give you a little inspiration, and don't forget, there's less than four weeks to go...

*You may find some of the products I've suggested cheaper on Amazon, but I'm trying to avoid using Amazon for any of the items in my gift guides, after them having rather a dubious time of late. But each to their own, so go forth and shop.

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  1. I have just put that Habitat discount code to good use thank you for the tip off.