Friday, 18 October 2013

Show & tell

I have a few more spoils to show and tell from my last chazzing expedition. I bought the beautiful Italian silk grey Paisley scarf to make a couple of drawstring bags from.

{Paisley scarf, £2}

The way you can tell a really good quality silk scarf is if the edges are hand-finshed, like you can see in this photo.

{hand-rolled edges}

I pounced on the Liberty shawl, which was just a fiver, and is officially the start of my Christmas shopping - that's one person ticked off the list so far.

{Liberty shawl}

And the black, wool a-line skirt is a very simple, pleasing shape - just a wraparound skirt which fastens with two buttons at the waist. And it's the perfect partner to my new GAP grid jumper.

{black a-line skirt}

{simple waistband}

In line with this season's love for all things pink, this is quite the versatile number, as it looks just as good worn back-to-front with the buttons going down the back. Still in two minds as to whether to change the buttons - I do like the covered buttons, but can't help thinking that little gold buttons would change the look of this top quite nicely. What do you reckon?

{pink silk top}

And so I worked up an appetite for lunch, opting for some Homity Pie which has inspired me to attempt this recipe at home. 

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