Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Scrimp or save: the grid jumper

{grid jumper - GAP version}

Despite trying not to fall for many "of the moment" fashion items, I am rather taken at the moment by the J. W. Anderson grid jumper. And when the Whistles version popped up, I knew this was a look which was being taken on board by more than me. Granted, it's cheaper than the J. W. Anderson version, and I prefer the look of it, but it has a mere 25% wool in it, compared to the corking 100% merino wool of the J. W. Anderson one.

{grid jumper - J. W. Anderson}

{grid jumper - Whistles version}

And then I found the GAP version. At 80% wool and just £29.95 (with countless discount codes flying around on the internet) I plumped for it, ordering it online and now it's arrived, the quality is great. The blue version is sold out online (but I'm told it will be back so watch this space) but the ivory alternative is also appealing.

It seems the order of the day is to pair it with a black skirt, but this looks equally good with formal black trousers, or jeans.

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