Thursday, 3 October 2013

My top TKMaxx shops

Just wanted to introduce you to my scarf triumphantly found in TKMaxx from the Kurt Geiger accessories range, reduced from £85 to £15. Now autumn is upon us, and I'm spending more time working at home, I've been channeling a Dickensian look, wearing this my desk in order to try and fight the urge to switch on the central heating. 

{angora scarf found in TKMaxx in Brighton}

And I've been pairing it with this H&M sweatshirt - one of my best working from home allies so far this autumn.

{H&M sweatshirt - not online but still in store}

And talking of TKMaxx, I recently discovered that in a town not too far away form me there is a TKMaxx so large it warrants its own cafe. Needless to say, a plan is being hatched for a visit - and of course I will report back.

And whilst we're talking all things TK, I thought I'd give my top three stores I've visited so far - and I've visited an awful lot, as part of my nomadic wanderings throughout the UK.

1. Waterlooville: for its Beauty and Home sections. This store was a great source of candles, selling Bahoma, This Works and Tocca, almost always in the red sticker section.

2. Speke, Liverpool: for its Luggage section. I found my Brics holdall here for £40.

3. Cheltenham: for its red sticker section, which has some great bargains. The shop always seems quiet, so it's a pleasant shopping experience, and the shelves and rails are consistently neat and tidy.

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