Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Matchy matchy

Post house-move, I've been having a bit of a sort out, and unearthed my stash of vintage match boxes - I like to partner a box with a candle if I'm giving it as a present to make it a little more personal. The Target and Blue Cross matches I picked up from a vintage shop in Reading (they had hundreds - call in if you're local) and the others I've pilfered from bars and restaurants. My most recent stash was from the Dean Street Town House, where they have huge bowls of Soho House matches lying around for the taking.

{vintage matches from Fanny's Antiques in Reading}

Other boxes are from our travels, to Russia, New York, the Middle East and Japan, which make a nicely personal momento from any trip.

{the Corona matches are from Baileys in Ross on Wye}

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  1. Such a good idea to give a nice box of matches with a candle I'll have to look out for some!