Monday, 7 October 2013

For the love of Ashburton

Whilst I was planning a forthcoming trip to Devon, I realised I've never told you about the village of Ashburton. It's a hidden gem, which doesn't often get talked about as a place to visit, but if you love food and vintage / antique shopping, then you'll love Ashburton.

Perhaps because it's also the home of the well renowned Ashburton Cookery School, there is a huge choice of places to eat in this little town. I always end up at Francolins, which always has a wide selection of homemade soup to choose from - six different flavours on our last visit. 

{Francolins, 17 West Street, Ashburton}

{Ella's Bakery, West Street - they close when they're all sold out, sometimes before midday}

Cafe Green Ginger is also a nice place to stop, especially in summer when you can sit out in their garden. No. 14 is a lovely cafe bar, open into the evening, and they serve the award winning Fish Pate from the famous Fish Deli around the corner. And Tea at Taylors is the place to go if vintage tea sets and afternoon tea are your thing.

{Tea at Taylors}

If you're there in the evening then Agaric's (recently reviewed by The Telegraph - confusingly described as being in Newton Abbot, which is definitely is not) reputation goes before it, and also has rooms. I've not stayed there but The Guardian did and praised it highly.

If you're more interested in pottering around the shops, then the town is well served with shops full of antique and vintage furniture, gifts and bric a brac. Some are expensive, and some less so. The Snug, 15 North Street - where I bought the fabric for these chairs, and the floral tea towel for this drawstring bag - is always worth and look and has some real bargains. These deckchairs in the window of Vintage Emporium won my heart on my last visit, but unfortunately the shop was closed.

{Vintage Emporium, 18 North Street}

Bathe is an exclusive fragrance and toiletries shop, which is beautifully laid out and is always nice to call in to see what their latest find is, or if you need a present for someone. And on my last visit I was pleased to discover a new vintage shop called Number 30, crammed full of clothes and accessories for both men and women, plus a few items for the home.

{a selection of products at Bathe}

{Number 30 - vintage shop on East Street}

And of course there's a couple of charity shops too, which I always pop into for a rummage.

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