Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Spaghetti Junction

The contradiction of wireless technology is that there are actually a lot of wires - ok, so they're not coming out of your laptop, but there's a whole pile of them coming in and out of your modem, hub and telephone in a dark corner of your home.

I hate the tangled mess of wires, wires and more wires which gather dust and look ugly, no matter how hard you try to hide them. And so having just moved house, I made a stab at adapting a piece of furniture to solve this problem. Bob bought me this vintage sewing table / chest a few years ago, which my sewing supplies have long outgrown. Its function since has been as a side table, with the storage element being completely unused. The position of the telephone socket in our new house determined where our modem and hub where going, and as it was in the hallway, this was the perfect neatly sized piece of furniture to fit there, complete with a little drawer at the bottom for a handy notebook and pen.

My plan involved butchering this piece of furniture somewhat, to achieve my aim, but as this piece needing a little tender loving care anyway, I didn't feel too bad about subjecting it to my inexpert attempts at DIY.

{tools of destruction}

So the plan was simple - drill a hole in the back of the chest part of the table, so I could leave the modem, hub and extension leads in the chest, plugging the phone, modem and hub into the extension lead in the chest, meaning that the only power cable on display is the one of the extension lead, going from the chest to the power socket (still with me?). And this meant taking the plug off the extension lead so I could thread it through the hole I'd drilled, and then reattach it so I could plug it into the wall - nothing that my GCSE in Physics couldn't sort.

{the hidden hardware}

{reattaching the plug}


  1. I love your blog x and I can hear u telling these stories xx teague x

  2. Genius! I sit opposite our "spaghetti junction" when I'm feeding cece & it drives me bonkers. Def going to give this a go (when I've got a child free moment!) xc

    1. Thanks lovely, yes, drives me bonkers too - I still have the TV spaghetti junction to tackle - so depressing to look at - so my work in this department is not yet done! Another job to add to the list… xxx