Friday, 27 September 2013


So some of you may remember my post long ago about my fake fur jacket, which has been a huge success in my wardrobe. I have for sometime been after a sleeveless version, and the moment of opportunity came when Liverpool Lou was having a clear-out before her big move to Marrakech. She was giving away this vintage fake fur from Debenhams, which had a hole in the sleeve - not a problem, seeing as my main aim was to make this jacket armless.

{remodelled vintage fur coat = new gilet} 

{vintage Debenhams}

This was a super easy take - I just removed the buttons, which were a little too 70's for my liking, and whipped out my quick unpick to remove the sleeves. The only laborious part was then hemming the armholes - more time consuming than tricky.

{70s buttons - attached with a hook and pin}

{unpicking the sleeves took just a couple of minutes}

{all sewn up}

I wore it on a recent trip to London to see Little Legs, which was a mistake seeing how my last fake fur went down with her. But it performed excellently, and is the perfect transitional autumn item. There are loads of fake fur and shearling gilets in the shops, but to be honest, anything which doesn't look too cheap costs a fortune. So I'd recommend going down the vintage route. You can find loads of fake vintage furs in the charity shops or on ebay, and the vintage stuff is much better quality that the new fake fur that's around today. If you're not interested in the sewing aspect of this project, then just take it along to your local alterations shop - you're looking at around £20 for them to do something like this.

{left-over sleeves}

I've now got two sizeable sleeves left over, and have been wondering what should become of them. I've noticed a lot of fur collars or tippets around, and have been thinking that I'd have a go at making one, or use it as a possible trim for my currently fur-less parka.

{got a fur collar on my mind}

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