Monday, 16 September 2013


Birkenstocks - you either love them or hate them. Personally, I'm a lover, and this black pair of their Arizona sandals never left my feet during my recent holiday to Japan. What's more, Popeye already had them, so we sported our matching footwear proudly (actually, him not so much).

My Birkenstock affair started off with this grey felt pair (which I wore and wore until they disintegrated. I am however, contemplating re-purchasing these beauties) and then the classic white Madrid style. After a day or two of initial discomfort, they quickly become old friends. And though I would like to point out that my love of this shoe has been constant, it hasn't gone unnoticed that there's been a resurgence of interest from fashion types recently. And such is the versatility of this sandal (for example, it was my footwear of choice during a Japanese typhoon) that if you embrace the sandals with socks look, they can be worn all year round. See below for examples.

{keep those tootsies warm with some woollies, like on Musla}

{with a sundress for a laid-back summer approach, as on Fashion Me Now}

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