Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Littlest Hobo

Having just moved house for the ninth time in the last six years, I had been planning a little guide on what I've learnt to make the process easier. And then one of the other blogs I follow, Decorator's Notebook, did this post and took the words right out of my mouth.

{Decorator's Notebook: how to move house without losing your mind}

She's hit the nail on the head, and I really want to underline the point about the Kilrock cleaner: it works, and when we move house is the only time I use it - it's back to Ecover the rest of the time. And the oven liner - a real hero.

I'd just add a couple of other points:

- if you can, pay a professional to clean your oven. I've booked ours, and it's £25, which to my mind is worth every last penny.

- our windows get inspected when we move - so again, book a window cleaner - they have all the right kit and can do it in minutes, probably for not much more than a tenner.

- food. Because you're most probably emptying and defrosting your fridge-freezer, plan to eat out the night before you move, and have a plan for where to go for your breakfast too. You'll need something to look forward to, and then you won't have food and washing up lying around whilst you're meant to be trying to pack it away.

- the night before the move, if you can, go and stay at a friend's house, or with family, or even try to get a cheap deal on a nearby hotel. That way, you can wash and dry your towels, strip your bed, dismantle it, take down your curtains, and clean your bathroom, which is lots of ticks on your list done, the day before it all kicks off.

- and lastly, make sure you have enough coffee, team sugar and the good biscuits for your removal men. We always get caught out with not having enough sugar or any instant coffee. You could also use disposable coffee cups too, so you don't have mugs and washing up lying around once everything else has been packed.

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