Tuesday, 20 August 2013


It's been ages since we've been out for a proper Sunday Roast so Popeye planned a trip out into the countryside, to the pretty village of Chiddingfold, where we went for lunch at The Mulberry (owned by Chris Evans - radio DJ and pub landlord). The roast was excellent, and I started it off with an Aperol Spritz, mainly because I'd never tried one before, and since then, I've seen it popping up on menus everywhere. Seems it's having quite the moment, and I can see why, being refreshing but not too sweet, perfect for this summery weather.

{drink of the summer - the Aperol Spritz}

I wore this Topshop t-shirt below, which has almost never been off my back (allowing for the occasional wash) since I bought it. I enjoy the "slightly smarter than a t-shirt, whilst still very much being a t-shirt" feel of it, which the seamed neckline and sleeves give it. 

{striped t-shirt, £16 Topshop}

I've been pairing it with my latest lipstick acquisition, recommended by my friend Caro, who names it as her all time favourite: Rimmel's Coral Queen. I was on a trip to Liverpool, lipstick-less (it's amazing the number of times I find myself unarmed with a lipstick, considering how many of the things I have) and remembered Caro' s favourite, and dived into Boots to pick one up. And it is lovely, especially if you like a little shine from your lippy.

{Moisture Renew Lipstick in Coral Queen, £6.49 Superdrug}

Then at the weekend, we got round to visiting Portchester Castle, which the Time Team fan in Popeye had been longing to see for a while. It had three of my favourite elements: a tea shop in the church hall, a sea view and a walled garden (or just really walled grass in this case). The weather was beautiful and joyfully there weren't many people around. I even enjoyed the usually geeky audio tour.

{view from the top of Portchester Castle}

And there's something I've been meaning to tell you all about for ages - for those of you in the Portsmouth area anyway. No. 6 Cinema in the Dockyard is the biggest screen on the south coast, and whoever programmes the films does an amazing job. We went to see The Lives Of Others - a great film, so catch it if you can. Their September programme is listed here.

{film watching at No. 6 Cinema}

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