Friday, 2 August 2013

Diptyque's new kids on the block

I am a loyal fan of Diptyque and have been wearing their fragrances for years now, ever since, as part of yet another random job, many moons ago, I went on a Diptyque training course. My love for the company has been a subject on this blog before

I find it difficult to find a scent that I love - lots of them often give me a headache, or make me feel a little nauseous. But I have been a long-term user of their Philosykos and Tam Dao fragrances, and on my last trip to Liberty, I discovered another scent, Vetyverio, which they've been making for years and is of their classics, plus a new perfume they've launched, called Eau Mohéli.

They're both subtle fragrances, so if you favour a heady, knock-out scent then these aren't for you. Eau Mohéli is described as a floral fragrance, but it appealed to me as someone who doesn't usually go for overly floral scent. If definitely smells nicely unusual, and I was told this is down to the Ylang Ylang, which until now has been too volatile to accurately pin down into a perfume. So Eau Mohéli celebrates years of work and study into how to use Ylang Ylang as a stable perfume ingredient. It's also available as a roll-on (20ml) which is a format I love for carrying around in my handbag.

Vetyverio is a much more unisex fragrance, and I often gravitate to something which is more unisex in style. It's categorised as a woody fragrance, although it has both fruity and grassy undertones. I found it fresh, without fading out to a soapy smell, which so many perfumes seem to do now. 

And in terms of my two long-term perfume pals, Tam Dao and Philosykos, Diptyque have now launched a travel spray holder with perfume re-fills for their most popular scents, so you can travel in style. And with less luggage.

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