Monday, 1 July 2013

We need to talk about (Chanel) tweed

That's right, Chanel tweed, made by Linton Tweeds, right here in Blighty.

Some of you may already be aware of the fantastic "how did no one else ever think of this" collaboration between Jigsaw and Linton Tweeds. Linton Tweeds being the company who have for years supplied the famous colourful tweeds which Chanel use to make their coveted jackets and suits. Until this collaboration with Jigsaw, I hadn't realised that it was a British company who supplied Chanel, and I hadn't heard about the collaboration until I stumbled across a rail of beautiful silk-backed tweed t-shirts in Jigsaw a couple of months ago.

{daffodil tweed t-shirt, £98 Jigsaw}

{multi-colour tweed t-shirt, £98 Jigsaw}

They're available in a range of fabrics, but full for the full range of Linton Tweeds, log on to the website and browse the stunning range of jewel-coloured fabrics with their intricately woven patterns.

I tried the t-shirt on, and was crestfallen to realise that it looked better on the hanger than on me, the cut not really suiting me, however hard I tried to convince myself.

And then I met up with Bob, who unbeknownst to me had embarked on the same Linton tweed obsession, and out of her handbag, she produced a stack of tweed samples, which she'd ordered from the Linton website. And she revealed her plan... that she'd going to try to make one of these t-shirts, in her own choice of tweed which you can order by the meter from the website. And so I twisted her arm so that she'd make me one too - I KNOW! Using an existing silk t-shirt pattern which she knows and loves. More than exciting. I've chosen and ordered my tweed and am waiting for the delivery. 

{Linton tweed samples}

{the selection process}

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