Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Oh my, things have been busy of late. But here are a few highlights which have stood out. I've been working on an arts festival which went off with a bang towards the start of July and has only since just started to settle down for me. So am looking forward to the next less busy, more bloggy phase.

{flowers to congratulate a victory at work}

{best burger I've had in ages at Meat & Liquor}

I'd been wanting to go to do a trip to London to take in Meat & Liquor for ages, and the burger didn't disappoint, although the wine served in jam jars and very dark interior plus blaring music on a sunny evening felt a little too cool. We followed it by a trip to the theatre to see Kim Cattrall in Sweet Bird of Youth - highly recommended!

{old friends were in town, so we celebrated at Harry's Bar, Southsea Castle}

Only for the short window of 6-9pm on a Friday, does Southsea Castle (built by Henry VIII, and from where he watched the Mary Rose sink) open its doors to Harry's Bar and become a champagne bar for the evening. I've been a few times now and love it every time. My top tips: book EARLY, tie your hair back (the windy is lively) and take a jacket - it never gets boiling hot, even during the recent heatwave.

And whilst we're in Southsea, Southsea Coffee has to be my favourite new cafe in while. Everything is pleasing, from the decor (they invented their own paint colour for the walls) to the cups and saucers to the food and especially the coffee - or so I'm told, not being a coffee drinker myself. The Iced Drip Coffee was a big hit in the hot weather, and not something I'd seen anywhere else. Check out their website which documents the setting up of the cafe from when it was just an empty shell.

{ahh, favourite new coffee shop, Southsea Coffee}

{I'm told by coffee lovers that their's is the best (the tea's pretty good too)}

{marmalade cake - om nom nom}

{Japan & gin - holiday planning}

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