Monday, 17 June 2013

The weekend

The weekend was long awaited, with a huge to-do list to power through but a few treats in between too. It started with lunch at a new local cafe we hadn't yet tried, where the food was great - so good that I demolished most of it before I remembered to take a picture, so you've just got a picture of a half-eaten sandwich - soz.

{lunch at Watkins & Faux}

 And then we headed to IKEA which for me is always a pleasure and never a chore. It was a surprisingly quiet and successful trip, with my now 2 year rug search, which had taken me me to previously unexplored websites and price brackets, ending in huge triumph. More on that another time.

But I also got these blue boxes, £1.25 for a pack of two in the sale. They were easy to put together and the timing serendipitously fitted in with the epic and brutal shoe cull which I'd been planning. All shoes are now boxed, stacked and labelled and I'm feeling pretty zen.

{new shoe storage solution - a flat pack joy}

{IKEA stripes}
I also bought a couple of striped items (can't resist a stripe) and Popeye went to town in the Swedish Food Market. 

I popped into H&M on Sunday with my 25% off voucher from Grazia magazine - it ends today if you're interested so be quick. My local H&M is always disappointing but I managed to get some very excellent jewellery. Think there's a touch of YSL about the ring? Hoping so.

{H&M jewellery}

And then the weather miraculously improved and we popped down to the beach with some challenging reading material and my most favourite but most elusive chocolate bar of all time: the Drifter. And a cup of tea. What a treat.

{Sunday afternoon - beach weather}

{if you see a Drifter, buy it - it may be a long time before you find another}

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