Thursday, 20 June 2013

Get lippy

I'm still in a lipstick phase, but I've been weaning myself off my trusty reds and my beloved Schiap, and going for a more pinky red of late.

I've been looking for ages for a colour which resembles the lipstick Vanessa Paradis is wearing in the picture below. Chanel tells me that she's wearing Mademoiselle, which in real life looks nothing like the ad. And after making a nuisance of myself at beauty counter after beauty counter, testing lipstick after lipstick all over my hand, up my arm to my elbow, I stumbled across the perfect lippy in Topshop, called Ditsy. A good daytime lipstick, it's the right mix of pink and red, with amazing staying power, almost like a lip stain, with a lovely matt finish (but not drying) for just £8. And it seems to make my teeth look whiter too, as it's nowhere near as orange as it looks on the website.

{Vanessa Paradis looking lovely in her lipstick}

And whilst I was on my search, I found another lipstick from Chanel which has become a favourite, which is from the Rouge Coco range, and is Orchidee (no. 17). It's pretty much my evening version of Ditsy, slightly deeper in colour, and much more creamy in formulation. It's long wearing and I think is one of those colours which would suit any colouring.

{the new kids on the block}

So that's my summer lipstick line-up - a change is a good as a rest.

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