Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Foundation station

I've been finding the recent craze for BB and CC creams annoying. Mainly because they are just buzz-words designed to confuse people into thinking these are new inventions, whereas, when you get down to it, they are just new formulations of tinted moisturisers, or light foundations, but with some skincare benefits mixed in. Which is the way foundations have been going for the last couple of years anyway.

But, I was after a tinted moisturiser, one with a high SPF and a very light texture, and had read good things about Clinique's Moisture Surge CC Cream.  I bought it and have loved it ever since. It's great that it takes care of my SPF for the day, but even better is the texture, which is very light and non-greasy. A very little bit goes a long way too, so even though it's quite expensive, I think it will last a respectable amount of time.

I have a normal to oily skin, and find it works well for me. And then the other day I met up with Bob, and I noticed her skin looked great, and wasn't she just wearing it too! And she has a very dry skin. And loves it. Everybody loves it. Try it, you might like it.

{Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream, £28 & Even Better Compact, £27.50, Boots}

Oh, and when comparing notes, Bob and I can confirm that our respective Clinique consultants told us that it was really a primer and not a tinted moisturiser, but we can also confirm that we both totally ignored this and use it exactly as a tinted moisturiser and we like it like this.

And then because I'm on the go a lot at the moment, I wanted a compact which I could use to top up my CC Cream, especially if I was going out in the evening. So I got the Even Better Compact Makeup (catchy name!) which I can apply over the top and give me a more matt finish, without looking heavy, powdery or cakey. It gives good coverage without feeling heavy. And you're much better off applying this with a foundation brush, or even your fingers - you get a better finish, and you'll lose half the foundation in the sponge. My only complaint is the large compact, which also feels quite plasticky - feels a bit cheap really. They need to take a cue from the fabulous Guerlain when it comes to their packaging.

{Touche Veloutee, £35 SpaceNK}

And a warm welcome back to my Touche Veloutee by By Terry - I'd been without it for a few weeks, which was a trial, because there is literally NOTHING BETTER THAN THIS for an under-eye concealer.

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  1. Finally got this concealer on your recommendation and yes it is brilliant.