Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Love Lulu

Have you seen the Lulu Frost for Whistles collection? It is tremendous. Have a little ogle at my selected highlights below. They are priced higher than anything you'd normally pay for high street costume jewellery, but these are high quality pieces, which feel reassuringly weighty and are expertly crafted, with a lot of use of brass and crystal. And despite being high street, they are definite investment pieces - so choose carefully.

The flavour of the collection is very art deco, tying in brilliantly with the release of The Great Gatsby, as these pieces would lend a touch of Gatsby-chic and modern elegance to any outfit.

The collection was designed by Liza Salzer, jewellery designer at Lulu Frost, and she took her inspiration from vintage items in her own collection, as well as other antique finds such as French belt buckles and shoe fastenings.  The collection is selling out fast, so if you're tempted, visit the Whistles website immediately!

Top row, left to right
50 yr necklace, £125; Art Deco earrings, £65; Lisa bracelet, £75.

Bottom row, left to right
Sandra earrings, £70; Francis earrings, £65; spike necklace, £135.


  1. Oh such pretty, special trinkets, I like them all x

  2. I know, what a choice! I've succumbed to the 50 yr necklace - it's just arrived in the post. It is FINE. x