Sunday, 10 February 2013

Outfit inspiration: Marie Dessuant

I enjoyed reading this blog post by Reiss, featuring Parisian designed Marie Dessuant. I pounced on the outfit in the photo below as a great outfit fall back - one for every occasion, which could take me from work to play with the addition of a statement necklace. I realised that I already had a variation of these two pieces in my wardrobe, and so within seconds, my white shirt and trousers = excellent new outfit. And in the course of writing this, I realised I haven't yet showcased my bargain £1 white shirt, which I found on the reduced rail in a charity shop. It's got a neat little collar and is perfect for buttoning right up to the top, and wearing underneath a crew neck jumper. And the trousers were given to me by Bob, when she was doing a wardrobe clear-out, which means the sum total of this outfit is running at £1.

{also found this colour block shirt, £160 Jaeger which would go with my outfit - above right - trousers from Cos}
Marie, I like your style.

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