Thursday, 24 January 2013

The weekend(s)

The last two weekends have blurred into one. Here are some highlights.

I finally got round to visiting Aspex Gallery and was completely won over by the cafe and shop. I'm all for museums, stately homes and the like, but I have to admit that my main reasons for visiting are retail and food based. For such a small size, the shop at Aspex is brilliantly stocked, and good for buying a last minute present.

{cafe at Aspex Gallery}

Now that vouchers seem to be the wedding present of choice, I like to think of some original packaging or a vessel to put them in. These Russian dolls have been a brilliant option, and I got Popeye to bring a stash back on this last trip to Russia. This one's my favourite which I kept for myself,

{Russian doll}

{Sunday stroll}

I had heard so much about Pie & Vinyl, and so when friends came down to visit, I jumped at the chance to go there on a Sunday afternoon. They serve Pieminister Pies, which I've had a loyalty towards since living in Bristol, the company's HQ, and we even had them served at our wedding. They also serve Buckwell's pies, which are made by our local butcher in Southsea, which is something of an institution. You'll see queues outside the butchers on a Saturday, and have to get there early to be sure you'll get exactly what you're after. Pie & Vinyl is a haven of vintage chic, lovingly styled with an impressive collection of vintage china.

{Pie & Vinyl}

{Pieminister Pie}

{snow on the beach}

My mum has always been a fan of sending us little packages in the post, and it can be a real lottery when it comes to what's in that jiffy! This time I was treated to a pair of cosy grey socks for the snowy weather.

{wool pirate socks}

We were inspired by our visit to Pie & Vinyl, and used some leftover roast chicken and ham to make one of our own. Ignore the recipe instructions for making the pastry from scratch - I used the Just-Rol reduced fat puff pastry, and it was foolproof.

{chicken & ham pie}

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