Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Jewelery part II: paired back

I lovely wearing jewellery, statement necklaces and earrings being my most favoured items. But for everyday wear, I like to have a couple of simple items which can be worn with everything and add a subtle level of detail to an outfit. One pet peeve of mine is leaving my pierced ears without anything in them, as I hate seeing the piercing hole. Since finding a tiny pair of gold stud earrings at an antique market years go, they have become my neutral day earrings, for when I just need to fill the hole. I wouldn't be without them. Here's a good alternative to mine.

{tiny gold stud earrings}

And then for a necklace, I have a couple of simple options, but my most recent is the one below from Enelle, which was a present from my mum for Christmas. It's the Simple Cog Small Gold necklace and I also love the Bunting Gold necklace. Made by Nina Lamb, the design are striking and beautifully made. I first came across them in my local branch of Whistles, but see here for other stockists.

{simple cog small gold necklace by Enelle}

Other delicate but simple necklaces which have caught my eye recently have come from In God We Trust and Dogeared.

{pearls of love necklace, £40 Dogeared}

{cut out diamond necklace in gold, $140 In God We Trust }

Keep it simple.

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