Monday, 21 January 2013

Black jack(ets)

It struck me that I've not posted any of my charity shop finds for a while. I suppose it's taken me a while to get back back into chazzy shopping, now I've left the land of milk and honey in terms of charity shop finds* and I need to find some new territory in the Hampshire area - anyone got some suggestions for me?

But I was on a training course the other day, and took the opportunity of a long lunch break to explore the local charity shops. My already extensive collection of jackets has been well documented on this blog, but I couldn't resist this addition to the gang - Chanel-esque in style and fabric, which is wool boucle. It also has some well concealed side pockets, and I love the simple buttons and edging, which finish it off nicely.

{black boucle wool jacket}

{made by Mark Russell}

{simple faceted buttons}

{detailed edging}

My second black jacket I found just before Christmas. Having wanted a traditional tuxedo-style jacket for ages, complete with satin lapels, my stomach did a little flip when I saw this vintage Topshop jacket in a charity shop for £8.

{tuxedo style jacket}

{I only just about remember this old Topshop label}

*I'll be doing a post soon on my old charity shop hunting ground - it'll be focused in and around Buckinghamshire, and would make a great day trip for all Londoners, as it's just inside the Tube network - zone 9. Stay tuned!

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