Thursday, 10 January 2013

A Clarins girl

Over the past few months I have gradually become a Clarins girl. I'm not sure how it happened, as I've never really been interested in Clarins products, preferring the more scientific approach of other companies instead. Following on from yesterday's post with the scoop on the brilliant Clarins bargains at John Lewis, I realised I hadn't yet updated you all on my recent love for this brand.

{full size products plus gift set}

Liverpool Lou is a Clarins devotee*, and after staying over at hers a number of times, and raiding her toiletry stash, I've become more and more on-side. My skin type would be classed as oily and dehydrated and I found that the range of Clarins products I used suited me so well. My first foray saw me using Advanced Extra-Firming Eye Contour Serum, £36.50 John Lewis.

I loved it from the first moment, noticing that my fine lines almost disappeared and my under-eye concealer went on much smoother. The texture is like a gel and not greasy at all, and you can take the serum right up to the lash line beneath the eye.

The second product to win me over was the Everlasting Foundation, £26 Boots. I apply it with a brush, it has SPF 15 and gives a shine-free finish without looking too matte. I've never found a better shade which matches my skin tone so accurately.

Since then, I've also become hooked on the Multi-active Day Cream, £39 Boots, and a free gift with purchase got me on to the Double Serum Generation 6, £56 Selfridges, which gives your skin a glow other products in this price range don't manage to achieve.

The last product of Lou's on my wish list is the Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil, £29 House of Fraser, which rescued my skin the morning after a hen-do, clearing all trace of dry, flaky skin.

Talking of gift with purchase sets, the one from Clarins is the best I've ever received, with a wide range of good-sized products, perfect for your travel wash bag.

{healthy-sized freebies}

And I'm still on the hunt for the perfect everyday cleanser, so maybe there could be something in this range to fill this hole. I have some John Lewis vouchers from Christmas burning a hole in my pocket so I'll keep you posted.

*One reason for Liverpool Lou's brand loyalty is Clarins' impressive record of standing against any kind of animal testing or cruelty. If you share her point of view, then Clarins could be worth a look at.

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