Thursday, 6 December 2012

Two candles

Hello, here are two candles I"d like you to meet, which are almost less than the price of your daily latte and will last far longer. I'm always being asked about good cheap candles, and just when you've been waiting for ages, two come along at once.

So, I've moved house recently, and the house we've moved into was empty for a while, and so it smells.... well, funny. Not horrible, but certainly not nice. It's a smell that all the cleaning in the world isn't shifting, but candles are helping.

I've been on the look out for some cheap but chic candles to burn (because it feels like sacrilege to whip through my Diptyque numbers just to achieve a pong-free zone) and I have become a huge fan of this one by Febreeze. I know, they need to work on their packaging, it could in no way be described as chic, but once that bad boy is out of the box, it couldn't offend anyone. The scent is cotton fresh, and whilst it smells a bit overpowering in the box, once it's lit, it's lovely.

{currently on offer at Waitrose}

{febreeze: lose the box, add some vintage matches}

The second is Price's Winter Jasmine candle, which is slightly smaller than your average candle, but still doses out a good whiff, and the scent is perfect, without being too sweet or sickly. They also do a fig one which was definitely my preferred scent (one of the best fig candles I've smelt actually, and I've smelt a few) but the wax was coloured purple which put me right off.

And best of all? They're a third off at Waitrose - the Febreeze candle is £3.08 and the Price's candle is £2.62. Good stocking filler? I think so.

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