Thursday, 13 December 2012


I've had a request in to do a post on parkas. The criteria are that the coat must be warm, not too short, have a hood (preferably fur-trimmed), and be a streamlined shape, avoiding the whole quilted "Michelin Man" look.

I feel that I'm qualified for this search, as my mum has been searching for the perfect coat with a hood, ever since...ever since forever. The result of this is that she's the owner of six "almost perfect but not 100%" parkas, not to mention the non-parka style coats on top of that. So, I have a lot of experience to fall back on.

During my research, I've discovered that with parkas, you really do get what you pay for  - there aren't many good, cheap options out there. It's really a case of fashion vs. function. But I've tried to include a couple at the lower end of the spectrum. If money were no object, then I'd go for this option from Mr & Mrs Fur, but at €2997 I'll keep dreaming for a while. For a budget option, I'd go for Fat Face's Merlin option, which has now been removed from the website because it's sold out online, but I'm told you might still be able to find it in a branch near you. My vote for quality and value goes to Barbour - they offer a huge selection, so it's worth a browse on their website if you can't see your preferred style here. And you should have a good trawl of the internet for other suppliers, as the prices for Barbour jackets seem to vary hugely.

One thing I have learned is that you really need to see these coats in the flesh, as the quality, warmth and fit are so hard to gauge online. Here's my selection below - wishing you all a very cosy Christmas.

Top row, left to right
Fur lined parka, £95 Topshop; Vila's Stare Down Coat, £139.95; Aigle Milwaukee quilted parka, £395 Travelling Bazaar; Vintage troop waxed parka jacket, £329.95 Barbour; Winter parka, £245 Toast; Winter force waxed parka jacket, £279.95 Barbour.

Bottom row, left to right
Odd Molly's Anchohuma Parka Jacket, £259.95; Sessun Desserter Twill Parka, £245 ASOS; Faux-fur hood military parka, £109.95 Mango; Pepe Jeans' Olga Jacket £195.95; Fur-trimmed parka, £199 Poetry; Rochdale waterproof jacket with Liberty lining, £199.95 Barbour.


  1. Amazing, Thanks for this, now I'll be toasty warm and dry this winter xxx

  2. the 'parka' as named after me.

    1. Yes, this post was mainly in your honour. You're welcome. x