Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Christmas list

I am a lover of a list. I live my life by lists, but my favourite list of them all is the Christmas list. I have long lived by the "stick to the list" mantra, and whilst there are certain people for whom it'll always be fun to choose a freestyle present for, there are others who I will always be grateful for a list to choose from. It's the feeling of being certain that you've got something that the person will love or actually need, at a time when it's all to easy to buy something safe, but not necessarily 100% on the money. So, you give me your list and I'll give you mine. Here it is. The trouble is, mine are always greedily longer than they really ought to be, but then, that all helps to retain the element of surprise! Here's hoping...

Top row, left to right
Combination blouse with lapel, £39.99 Zara; Virgin Perkish Leather Buckle Trainers, £129 Ash (or this grey leather shearling pair from Converse, can't decide); Grace by Grace Coddington, £17.60 Waterstones; Hand dyed vintage crystal bubble earrings, £80.87 Etsy; Sweater with open back, £44.95 Massimo Dutti.

Middle row, left to right
Katherine's day notelet set, £7 Culture Label; Knitted statement necklace, £38 Amy Lawrence Designs;  'Let The Stars Be Your Guide' print, £50 Culture Label; Special wash sweatshirt, £29.99 Zara; Flat clutch bag in leopard print by Claire Vivier, £125 Boudie & Fou.

Bottom row, left to right
Diana Vreeland DVD - They Eye Has To Travel, £16 HMV; Riding boot in tan, £89.99 Zara; Claus Porto Aloe Vera "Condessa" Wild Pansy Liquid Soap, £14.95 Elm House; Orelia cross-body bag, £99 Red Direct; a pair of La Rochelle square pillowcases, £18 each Cologne & Cotton.


  1. Those striped pillowcases are tres chic, love them.

  2. Earings are fab, love them!

    1. Aren't they! They have them in loads of different colours too. There's so much good stuff on Etsy at the moment. x