Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Ways with pastry

We've had a roll of sausage meat in the freezer for a while, with the intention of making some sausage rolls - got to be one of my all time favourite treats, but I've never tried making them myself. I should have, because it was a doddle. Admittedly I didn't make the pastry, I don't really see the point when the ready-made stuff is so convincing. I used this recipe, minus the mushrooms.

I'd bought too much pastry for the amount of sausage meat, so I ended up with a whole extra packet. So because we had some left-over roast chicken, I made a chicken pie using this recipe. It was my first outing for my little blackbird pie-funnel, which I thought did a handsome job. And also the first time I'd used this pie dish to bake an actually pie in - was so much easier that using a regular oven dish, as the wide lip allows the pastry to sit on top in a very well behaved manner.

A square of pastry was still hanging about, even after all this baking activity, so jam tarts completed this hat-trick. Just score a square in your pastry, a couple of centimeters from the edge, and fill the square with jam. I used blackcurrant jam here. Easy peasy.

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