Thursday, 8 November 2012

Topshop classics

I've been liking a lot of Topshop's stuff recently, and at the mo they've got free standard delivery until tomorrow night. Their Boutique, Premium and Made in Britain ranges are all producing the good stuff - here are my favourites below, with a focus on natural fibres - lots of wool and silk in this selection. Sorry about the dark, muted nature of the colours, but I reckon these items are classics, and so you'll be wearing them with everything for years to come. 

Special mention goes to the grey sleeveless coat, which, as a devoted jacket wearer, will be the perfect option to layer over my usual jackets to add more warmth, kind of like a posh gilet. 

Another thumbs up for the black silk vest, which I have maybe been looking for all my life. After finding the perfect vest shape in a charity shop, but in polyester, I have been on the look-out for a silk version for ages. What's so special about this one? The scoop back. Well done Toppers.


  1. I like the crochet dress, the silk vest, thr jumper (esp the jumper), the earrings, the pleat hem dress and the kilt!!! Gorgeous beauties.

  2. Jones, does one have need for a woolly jumper when one is in Africa?? x