Monday, 5 November 2012

Charity shop marathon

A couple of weekends ago, Popeye was away for the day and so I decided to organise a charity shop marathon for myself. It was a 12 shop whopper, and here are my spoils.

{the assembled finds}

One of my favourite finds was this metal bowl (above) with a handle each side - it's got a million uses, and so far has been good for putting our vegetables in after we've dug them up down at the allotment. It could also make a nice outdoor planter for heather or herbs, or an impromptu ice bucket for BBQ beers.

{two gold necklaces}

{yellow leather bag}

{buckle detail}

{silver toed gold shoes}

{khaki silk shirt}

The silk shirt is an old C&A classic with some nice pleated details on the top pockets. It looks good with the gold & silver pumps plus my grey skinny jeans (and an iron!) and navy blue bag below. I am trying to resist the urge to replace the current shirt buttons with gold buttons, which has been a bit of an addiction in the past.

{Liberty fabric skirt}

This skirt looks rubbish on me, but it was only £1 and I love the fabric - I'm going to use the fabric to make a couple of cushions or some more drawstring bags. The navy blue bag is perhaps the most perfect bag I've seen in a long time. I love it.

{navy blue leather bag}

{gold clasp detail}


  1. What a haul! Fab chazzing, Lemonade Lady.

  2. Thank you my lovely, going to miss the chazzies in this 'hood when I move - SOB!