Monday, 29 October 2012

Work wear - a simple formula

I need some new day wear to add to my wardrobe. I never wear jeans to work - in one of my first jobs I was privileged to work with a lady who was maybe the most stylish woman I've ever met. She'd been a model in the 60's and good grooming was her area of expertise. She would put her hair in rollers every morning before work without fail, and was never seen without a slick of lipstick. She took me under her wing and her exacting standards have meant that now I'm never too casual with my office dressing, although I'll always put my own slant on things so that I don't look too corporate.

My formula for work tends to be a skirt with a long-sleeved t-shirt (often stripey) or a fine knit jumper, with a jacket on top - nothing too suit like, but something quite informal, whilst still looking smart. I'll then wear a pair of slipper shoes or calf-length boots. It's a pattern which is simple to stick to and easy to layer, depending on temperature. And if it's raining, the boots make sure my feet stay dry.

I like the selection above, particularly the skirts, after my light grey skirt came to an inky end recently, after an incident with an explosive biro. Cos also has a good selection of navy skirts in at the moment, if  you're after one. And I love the Marisa sweater from Hobbs, which will go with all of my pencil skirts to make them look instantly smarter than if I paired them with just a crew neck.

Top row, left to right
Button sweater, £69.90 Uterque; Black collarless jacket, £29.99 H&M; Colourblock crew neck jumper, £38 Warehouse; Marisa Sweater, £79 Hobbs.

Bottom row, left to right
Mae grey flannel skirt, £69 Great Plains; Lucy Contrast Jumper, £89 Reiss; Pleated wool skirt, £69 Cos; Midi dress with long sleeves, ASOS


  1. Excellent timing, LL. New job with a no-jeans policy is already giving me sleepless nights and I'm only on day two. That button back top=fit.

  2. This is an opportunity! I sense some new purchasing expeditions coming on... OFF with those jeans. x

  3. A capsule work wardrobe, right there. The jacket and skirts are beautiful. Can't believe the price of the jacket actually - it is perfect!!