Thursday, 25 October 2012

Weekends gone by

An amalgamation of a couple of weekends, a couple of weekends ago - time has been running away with me lately, so in an effort to catch up with myself I'll bundle all this into one post.

A trip to London to see Little Legs meant only one thing - that we had to try the new Bubbledogs restaurant on Charlotte Street. Hot dogs? Goooood. Champagne? Gooood. It's fair to say that we were excited about this new venture. Their no-booking policy and reports of long queues to get in meant that Little Legs did some serious research and prep to make sure we got in. Despite this, we were eating our hot dogs after 10.30pm. So were they worth the wait? To be honest, we'd have eaten anything by that point, but the experience and celebrity(ish) spotting was fun - Lisa Faulkner and John Torode. If you imagine an IKEA hot dog with a very tasty topping, washed down with some champagne, then you won't be disappointed. But if you arrive there and there's a huge queue, I'd come back another time. It's good to know that they're launching a new part of the restaurant, "The Kitchen Table" soon, which you can book for - they do two sittings every night.

{brunch at Bill's}
{Aesop in Islington}
After brunch at Bill's the next day, we found ourselves wandering through Islington, and came across Aesops's new shop. The help-yourself-to-hand-cream station outside the shop had us interested, and before we knew we were inside the calm, utility-chic interior, which was perfect for soothing our hangovers. I bought the Rosehip Seed Lip Cream (mainly because I caught sight of the huge load of samples and lovely drawstring bags that Little Legs was getting when she bought a shampoo, and I wanted in on the action) which is a great new find, as I much prefer a lip cream to a balm, as I'm not a fan of hugely shiny lips. Top tip: head for the lovely and friendly male sales assistant, who is generous with advice and samples.

{grey merino wool jumper, £39.99 H&M}
{jewelled cuff}
{neon stud earrings, £1.99 for the set}
A late afternoon dash to H&M saw me coming out triumphant with this grey merino wool jumper with jewelled cuffs, which I've been wearing non-stop since. I've been pairing it with my back skinny jodhpur-style trousers from GAP (similar here or here) and tapestry slipper shoes from Topshop (similar here). The neon studs were in a set for £1.99 and I had completely ignored the little black studs that came with them, until I tried them on the other and was rather taken with their chic simplicity. Both items aren't on the website but are currently available in store.

{Saturday night fun}
A strategic Saturday night trip to IKEA had us hoping that it would be people-free, assuming that everyone would be tucked up at home in front of Strictly and X-factor, but it seems that the Wembley IKEA holds more appeal than Saturday night TV. It also gave me the chance to make some hot dog comparisons, and the queue and price at IKEA cannot be beaten - no champagne though which was a shame, as I could have done with a glass by that point. We bought some home storage solutions, troughed some meatballs and headed home. 

{fungal foray}
A last minute decision by Popeye to book us onto a Fungal Foray saw us strolling through the slanted  sunshine in our local woods on a Sunday afternoon. Our hopes of taking enough fungus home to make a mushroom risotto were dashed when we realised that the Buckinghamshire Fungus Group are more the academic type, who like to analyse and dissect their mushrooms. Still it was a nice autumnal walk and they knew all the best nooks and crannies for a mushroom rummage. 


  1. You make me feel so pedestrian. I think I have made good use of a weekend if I haven't lost a day to a hangover... When I grow up I want to be like you.

  2. Well, don't think I don't have those weekends where I achieve nothing in two whole days... I have discovered that the key to a good weekend is getting up early and getting on. However, I do also appreciate a lie-in, very much indeed, so this is the dilemma to battle with every week. Tis tough.x