Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Last weekend

Oh my, I've got so behind with my weekend posting. This is actually the weekend before last...

{Popeye came back from the village shop with a surprise}

A successful trip to a flea market was followed by lunch at The Rising Sun and then a trip to Henley-on-Thames to see friends.

{flea market scrum - elbows out}

{silver plated dish/tray}

My new silver dish has been a triumph. With many uses, from pocket change and car keys, to jewellery and make-up (or even Brussels sprouts, as the lady on the stall suggested) it's a smart and stylish instant organiser.

{50p jacket}

{love the coloured flecks in the fabric}

Eeek, yet another jacket... but this one was only 50p, so I couldn't leave it there. I put it in the machine on a wool wash with my trusty Woolite, and it's come up smelling of roses.

And even though it's October, I've developed a habit of buying summer dresses. I blame it on Liverpool Lou, who's moved to Marrakech, and I'm planning to visit as much as possible, so obviously I'll need a lorra lorra frocks. I love the pin-tucks on this dress, and the print, and I'll be wearing it back-to-front with the buttons down the back. So, just got to chop a few inches off the hem and it'll be ready for a trip to the souk.

{50p summer dress}

{pintuck details}
We're just harvesting the last of our crops from the allotment, and the Jerusalem artichokes are the last crop to dig up. You cook them a lot like a potato, but mmmmm, they're tastier, and nice on a pizza, or in a risotto.

{allotment graft}

{artichoke harvest}

{artichoke pizza}