Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Going grey

Another season, another grey sweatshirt. My enthusiasm for my much worn Sonny sweatshirt shows no signs of waning, so I thought I'd better start looking for a new version. I was re-watching Breakfast At Tiffany's the other day, when I noticed the sweatshirt that Audrey Hepburn was wearing in the photo above - just shows, this top's a classic, so invest wisely.

Top row, right to left:
£14.99 H&M; £45 Cos; £19.99 Zara (boys' dept); £55 Whistles.

Bottom row, right to left:
£59 Toast; £55 Cos; £42.50 Asos; £45 Cos.

Here are some ideas of how you can put yours to good use. It's pretty much a case of anything goes.


  1. Oh! I had my 'Just for Men' at the ready...maybe the next blog will tackle those challenging hair follicles. p.s. I love the Zara Boys top - good find x

  2. Hello Vic! Well apparently L'Oreal are going to launch a pill we can take which means no more greys - what will they think of next! In the meantime, I'll cary on reaching for the Nice 'n' Easy. x

  3. I would love to find a grey sweatshirt like this but where the main part is bright red or pink and the neck trim and sleeves are grey. Any ideas?! I love grey but if it is too pale and too near my already-verging-on-grey pale face, it drains me.

  4. Hello my lovely, found this from Whistles - not a sweatshirt but a knit, and not enough wool in for my liking, but it looks lovely:

    Also thought this would look lovely on you:

    OR this: