Thursday, 4 October 2012

Drawstring bags

I've been through a bit of a spurt on the drawstring bag making front lately, and thought I'd show you some of the results. My favourite are the two bags I made from a hand-embroidered table cloth, which was so easy to do because all the edges were already hemmed. I also found a long runner hand cross-stitched with pink roses at a vintage sale, and used it to make another bag, plus I made a tiny little bag out of a Liberty fat quarter.

{vintage table cloth, cut in half}

{hand cross-stitched runner}

{sewing the cut sides to make the bottom of the bag}

{iron in the seams once it's sewn}

{choose a long length of ribbon, cord or woven tape}

{use a bodkin to thread the ribbon through the bag}

{the two finished table cloth bags}

{blue Liberty bag with orange ribbon}

{finished cross-stitch bag with green ribbon drawstring}

I'll use the large bags instead of wrapping paper for presents and the small one is great for putting jewellery in when you're packing a going-away bag. I've got a few more table clothes and pretty tea towels to make some more with too - I like to stock up with them when I can.


  1. Make me one Trayns, but one for a boy, not one with all that flowery shit on.

  2. I wish I had my sewing machine here!! These are so pretty and useful too.

  3. Oh my pretty, you've not got your sewing machine out there? But it is so wee, you could take it back with you after Christmas maybe? x