Friday, 14 September 2012

Reading and wrapping

I've just discovered Wrap magazine, a  design and illustration magazine which has been conceived with a double purpose: after reading it, you use the beautifully illustrated pages as wrapping paper.


I've used magazine pages as wrapping paper for while - any magazine which is bound with staples is easiest to use, because you get two full pages. The weekend colour supplements are best for this, especially the fashion and lifestyle sections. The Financial Times also makes for stylish paper - just watch out for inky hands.
{pages from colour supplements}
{fashion pages, and even a fashion gift tag}
{the FT}


  1. Love wrapping ideas. These look fabulous and Wrap looks beautiful.

  2. There was a lovely feature in Elle Decoration recently which looked a fabrics and wallpaper - those pages were just perfect for wrapping. This would be right up Ricky's street, or any Eco-Warrior for that matter. x