Tuesday, 11 September 2012

And I found my prints charming

I was seduced by two items in the chazzy this weekend. Firstly this dress, which is vintage M&S, and made yonks ago, when  their clothes were still being made in West Germany, as it was then. It's 100% viscose, and what I love most is the pleats under the sculpted waistband - and the sculpted waistband is what I love second-most. And third-most I love the colour combo in the print - the mustard yellow, olive green and muted purple. Oh and there's a fourth too - I love the layered sleeves. I think it would look great with a bright orange suede heel.

{two fine florals}

{the reverse}

{Reldan black & red floral jacket}

{jacket, £49.50 from M&S - matching trousers available}

And then there's the jacket - I've never heard of Reldan before, but it's 100% wool and made in England, and is not dissimilar to the red Zara jacket I was eyeing up in my recent blog post. It's a very flattering, fitted style, which I'll wear with my dark blue jeans. There's lots of red and black about this season - this jacket above I saw in Saturday's Guardian Weekend magazine is similar, and was part of Susie Bubble's edit of this season at M&S. Brocade is a strong look for next season on the high street - think heavily patterned stately home style curtains and you're on the right lines.


  1. Adore the 40s-y cut of that dress

  2. When I saw this dress, an image of you wearing it popped right into my head. This dress would look great on you, and if I was nice person, I should probably give it to you, but I'm not so sorry about that. x