Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Museum shopping

I do enjoy the odd museum visit, but must admit that my favourite part of my trip is going round the museum shop, and having a cup of tea in the cafe. A disappointing shop and cafe is a huge anti-climax, even if the exhibition is top notch. I went to the London Transport Museum for a meeting last week, and found some time to kill in the shop. My my, London Transport Museum – you really did excel yourself.

Here are some of my favourite finds:

{Travel card wallet by Justin Oh, £13.50}
{Napkins, £2.99 & cake cases, £1.99}
{Moquette luggage tag, £9.99}
{New Leaf travel cosmetics clutch, £38}

I spent ages in the poster section, and eventually bought two Olympics posters – Rachel Whiteread’s design is the one I chose for myself, and Rod Hodgkin’s Swimming I bought for my brother who’s moving into a new place. I also bought one of the Poems On The Underground posters, for a bargain price of £2.95.  And my new favourite method of choice for hanging posters and prints is using bull dog clips – it’s a look which is a little bit utility chic, and a lot kinder on the pocket than getting anything framed.

{Poster by Howard Hodgkin, £6.99}
{Poster by Rachel Whiteread, £6.99}

And if you’re a fan of museum shops then you may already use the website CultureLabel. If you’re someone who struggles to buy presents for people, then this website is a joy . You’ll find all manner of gifts for all manner of people, with a selection of items in all prices ranges. And there’s lots of present ideas which are a little bit more unusual than your normal high street fare. It’s a real lifesaver come Christmas time.

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  1. Those Olympic posters are very awesome - and so cheap!