Tuesday, 21 August 2012

I heart these

If you like the current trend for neon (and I do. I like.) then you might just be in rapture over these earrings, as I am. Also available in yellow, they are leather studs, edged in diamante, and perfect for adding just a flash of colour to any outfit, without over-egging the pudding. Although if you're a fan of egg, then pile these on top of all your other neon-brights, in a "the more's the merrier" approach. The choice is yours. If you're not familiar with jewellery shop econe, then you should have a little browse of their website. But be warned: you'll like what you see.

Pink Neon Casino Stud Earrings
{pink neon casino stud earrings, £36 econe}

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  1. Oh I heart these too. Very much indeed.